Quality Policy


Ensuring the world standards, technological, high quality, environment friendly products and services

are approaching the perfection.

- Providing high quality products and services for human occupational safety,

- Ensuring the integrity between customers, suppliers and workers,

- To provide benefits and services to business work with understanding of ‘’QUALITY FIRST’’

- Adopting the principles of being open to development and changes,

- Working efficiently and adding value,

- Ensuring the team works and taking more responsibilities and participation of all our employees, creating dynamic and synergic working place, so developing our processes according to changing conditions and expectation of the day.

- Developing our quality continuously according to total quality principle,

- Protecting our natural environment from all adverse effects and using the most suitable materials

and technology for nature,

- Aiming the perfection and education for life,

Acting in honesty and trust with all employees, we offer the best solutions to our customers with

these principles in order to achieve goals.