Hydraulic Turbine Design and Production

TAŞÇI MAKİNA has begun to design and develop hydro turbines with R&D studies to supply turbines for the production of electricity in hydro power plants and has been succeed in those studies

Our turbine projects have supported by TUBITAK, METU academicians and METU Teknokent companies.

According to our project, we have designed and produced our first turbine and its performance has been tested at Istanbul Technical University. Our turbines accomplished the performance tests successfully.

TAŞÇI MAKİNA is able to ensure customers totally local/domestic designed and produced high efficiency turbines and HPP can sell its electricity with 
an additional 1.3 cent U.S. Dollar with incentive payment.








TAŞÇI MAKİNA uses 3D design and finite element analysis programs in engineering designs to ensure high efficiency and quality products.

TAŞÇI MAKİNA can tender you special turbine designs and products when you share with us your turbine operation conditions.


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turbin CFD Analizlericark uzerindeki basinc dagilimlari





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3D Turbin Tasarimi