Steel Construction

Steel construction on the project, fabrication and installation services are provided at all stages including the stages.

CNC Plasma cutting capacity up to a thickness of 30 mm, 14 mm in thickness can be bending CNC Bending Machines, each of the 6 pieces of 10 ton capacity gantry crane, gas metal arc and arc welding machines, combined with the five-station hydraulic shears, hydraulic presses, four-cylinder bulk, hydraulic profile bending machine, band saw, radial and column drills and near universal turning machines, milling machines, machining tools, such as the presence of very important advantages from the quality and capacity.

Modern machines and manpower available at the factory with monthly capacity of 400-450 tons of steel production, the infrastructure required to increase this capacity in case of need prepared.

Steel works at several examples given below, without being dependent on its materials, cutting, roof of the source, assembly, mechanical cleaning, machining, fabrication and paint halls are fully integrated with the facility.

• Production  and  erection of Steel construction

• Industrial Plants

• Cranes

• Crane Beams  

• Tower Productions


To take advantage of the steel construction, the following conditions must be met.

- The project preparation stage must be done correctly.

- The raw materials should be appropriate specifications and standards.

- Manufactures filters must pass quality control at every stage.

- Materials should be delivered through the right pitch, and after being stacked manner.

- Installation work by teams of skilled, job security and complying with all relevant rules and requirements of the job should be done with modern equipment.

TAŞÇI MAKİNA passes through different stages for this purpose made by the steel construction.

Business Inquiries and Design

According to customers' request, the customer needs are identified and technical studies and prepare preliminary design approval of the customer. Projects also sometimes given by the customer.

In the preliminary design, the overall dimensions of the structure, machinery and equipment placement takes place. Depending on the nature of work in 2D and 3D drawings, done with the technical drawing programs.

Was begun in the static calculations with the approval of the Customer.

Steel Project

TAŞÇI MAKİNA for making three-dimensional design projects prepared by the program are made using steel.

Steel project, marking the general assembly building plans, the structure and fittings manufacturing drawings forming a part of each is shown.

Prepared in accordance with the procurement and manufacturing processes of steel to the project starts.

Accepts Procurement & Material Control

Profiles, plates, gaskets, such as steel materials used in production, projects or features and according to the standards specified in the specification, with the required standards are purchased from manufacturers.

And eye examinations were made with materials from the factory properly stocked measurement controls.


Manufacturing - Job Preparation

Manufacturing is done to prepare for the first job.


Work in preparing productions made for the project, which produced the machines which are determined poses.

Sheet Metal Cutting


According to the plans prepared by a team of cutting job preparation, manufacturing, machine tool CNC plasma cut plates to be used. Thus, the production provided a precise and without quality losses.

Manufacturing - Profile Processing

Profiles of the different machines used in production, our machinery fleet wide range of cutting-punching and so on. transactions are processed through.


Manufacturing - Branding & Roof

Dimensions specified in detail paintings, pieces cut from the project and committed brand (exposure number), giving traceability is provided.

Quality control engineer approved by the parts, to undergo a technical drawing, ensuring proper welding process.


Manufacturing - Welding

Before welding, all surfaces to be welded slag, rust and other foreign matter with wire brushing, blasting or sandblasting cleaning methods.

Technical drawings or specifications in accordance with the specified shape and dimensions, smooth welding with a form opens.

The welding process, welding procedures specified in the projects, considering the parameters and consumables, are made by certified welders.

Our factory is mainly used in the welding methods:

– Arc welding with coated electrodes

– Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG-MAG)

– Submerged arc welding

– Argon Supply


Manufacturing - Sandblasting and Painting

Surface prior to painting, oil, that will remove dirt and rust, paint is prepared by kumlanarak or mechanical cleaning.

The blasting is done in accordance with standards specified in the specification. In general, the Swedish Standard - has been applied in SA2 ½, blasting can also be made available to other standards.

Materials which are ready to paint sandblasting, color painting with the features and specification, is painted on the basis of the desired thickness.

Corrosion Protection

Carbon steel is suitable for oxidation protection of special materials required. For this reason, in accordance with the demands and standards of the following methods to clean steel surface, and subsequently applied as a preservative.

- Blasting

- Chemical Cleaning

- Painting

- Galvanizing